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A friend of mine had recommended a book by Dr. Deepak Chopra. This book spoke about quantum physics and our place in the universe; what we are made of. I was fascinated. This is when I started to meditate. My life changed very rapidly. A couple of years later I got my Transcendental Meditation Mantra. I practiced TM on and off for most of my life.  A few years ago I wanted to know more. I now practice Primordial Sound meditation and are certified through the Chopra Center to teach this wonderful practice.

Meditation has helped me and continues to help me make the most of this life in many ways. The benefits are universal. This includes the big “S”, stress relief. Sitting in silence every so often has lowered my cortisol levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and regulated my breathing and has amazingly relieved me of my migraine headaches!

I have benefited emotionally and intellectually as well. Meditation has allowed me to get to know myself in a way that I have not accomplished in the past. In this knowing, I am able to make better decisions. It has allowed the gaps between my thoughts to widen, allowing me to respond to situations in my life instead of reacting. I have time to be more present and aware. This space also takes me a step back from the problematic situations in my life and responds from a thoughtful calm place where my true self resides instead of a place of conditioned responses.  I see know that I am not my experiences but my true self, who I am when I came into being.  I am able to focus less on my regrets and problems knowing that they do not define me. I learn from experience and focus on now.

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions that you might have. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and my experiences with you. Every and anyone can Meditate as it takes zero effort. I teach individuals and groups of all ages and life situations. I make the proper adjustments to suit your situation and needs.  Please contact me for rates and availability. I am here to help and serve you.


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Satya Mantra Meditation Coaching is located in the United States. Coaching for individuals and
groups that are outside of the US, or who are not located in the North East US, is available online.
Please email to schedule or go to the bookings page on this site.

Thank you for visiting Satya Meditation. With Gratitude, wishing you all love, light, and good health.